Asteraceae remedies: now printing

Asteraceae Cover.inddThe book is being sent to the printers today by Emryss, the publishers in Holland. If you’d like to reserve your copy at the special pre-publication rate of €39, there are only a few weeks remaining. Once published the price will be €44. Updates on the book’s availability will be posted here. The Contents pages and Index of Asteraceae Remedies are now available for preview at the download (link below to watermarked pdfs)

There are some wonderful cases in the book from contributors such as Jan Scholten (on Absinthium), Dinesh Chauhan (on Taraxacum), Franz Swoboda (on Erigeron), Marty Begin (on Bellis perennis), Juergen Weiland (on Millefolium), Willi Neuhold (on Lactuca) and Raymond Sevar (on Arnica). For the full list of contents and index check below

Asteraceae Remedies contents pages

Index of Asteraceae Remedies



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