Asteraceae book now available

It is ten years since the publication of Sea Remedies, Evolution of the Senses. At the beginning of 2020 Asteraceae Remedies was published…

You’re invited to watch an introduction to the book in this two minute video or read more below …

PART ONE includes a succinct materia medica of 35 Asteraceae remedies, formerly known as the Compositae family. The book is illustrated in full colour with stunning contemporary photographs and archival botanical illustrations, bringing the remedies to life. PART TWO provides more detailed visual and written portraits of selected remedies, including remedy relationships. It includes cases from some wonderful contributors such as Marty Begin (Bellis perennis), Dinesh Chauhan (Taraxacum officinale), Willi Neuhold (Lactuca virosa), Jan Scholten (Absinthium), Raymond Sevar (Arnica), Franz Swoboda (Erigeron) and Juergen Weiland (Millefolium).

Asteraceae Remedies contents

Index of Asteraceae Remedies

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