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Reviews and comments on Asteraceae: remedies of the sunflower family

A very nice book on the Asteraceae remedies. This materia medica combines information from all directions in homeopathy, allowing a full presentation. The layout and the beautiful photos provide a good connection to the plants.” Jan Scholten, January 2020

Review from Homoeopathie in Oesterreich 2020:1 (full review available in German only). English exerpt:

This intimate book, which combines the old with the new, provides images of the main players on every double page of its first part. Asteraceae in their beauty, simplicity and power. In the afterword, Jo Evans sums up how she thinks about plants and people, homeopathy and Asteraceae: “The ability to resonate with other forms of life encourages wholeness. It’s also what homeopathy offers. The profound healing that can come with the resonant recognition of similarity and unity with “the other” energy. In a world of composites, although we may resonate with some more than others, we are all one.” Naturally, it is a matter of knowing Asteraceae even better from now on and finding these remedies for patients. But instead of being understood simply by the word, the plant beings here want to be felt, truly felt. A wonderful book.” Franz Swoboda, January 2020

Details of where to buy the book can be found here.

More information and reading samples here

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